Cold Start. Nice Finish (April 2-4)

Written on 04/02/2021
Jonathan Carr

Discussion: High pressure to our W (over S IL/W KY) is currently producing cold NE quadrant anti-cyclonic flow over NJ. This is tapping colder Canadian air mass and giving us some wind to make it feel even colder in the trough on Friday. That high pressure should gradually track to the SE US (S of NJ) through this weekend. This will change the flow direction over NJ and allow some milder air mass to trickle back in from the W/NW or even W. On Saturday we should get to the 55-60 range for most of NJ. On Sunday maybe the 62-68 range with a few interior CNJ/SNJ spots flirting with 70. Then even milder for Monday-Tuesday as a stationary boundary to our SW holds the W or W/NW flow in place. The boundary should then push into NJ by next weekend and give us unsettled conditions with highs still reaching the mid-50s. A nice week and meh weekend on tap.   

Friday (April 2) high temperatures should fail to escape the low-to-mid 40s after a cold AM start. Skies should be mixed with sun and clouds. Winds should be breezy out of the NW which will make it feel even colder. Overnight lows should fall into the 20s for most of NJ with coastal areas hanging in the 30s.

Saturday (April 3) high temperatures should reach the mid-50s for most areas. Can’t rule out a run to near-60 for interior CNJ/SNJ. Either way, a milder feel compared to Friday with mostly sunny skies. Winds should be light out of the W/NW. Overnight lows should range from mid-30s to mid-40s from elevations to coasts.

Sunday (April 4) high temperatures should reach into the 60s for most areas. Wouldn’t be surprised to see near-70 for interior CNJ/SNJ. A very pleasant day with mostly sunny skies. Winds should be light out of the W. Overnight lows should fall to near-40 statewide.

An early look at next week indicates all 60s, maybe some 70s, with lots of sunshine through at least Thursday. We might cool back down a bit for the weekend with unsettled conditions. But not cold like today (Friday) and tonight.

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