Spring is Here (March 22-26)

Written on 03/22/2021
Jonathan Carr

Discussion: Nothing serious or hazardous expected for this week. The most noteworthy mention IMO are the sustained milder temperatures. Most of NJ should have no problem reaching 60 this week almost every day and in some cases 70 away from the ocean. The ocean is still colder so onshore flow, even if only light, will likely inhibit coastal areas from escaping the 50s. But under the climbing sun angle, it should still feel nice coming out of winter. Monday and Tuesday are a lock for clear skies. Wednesday and Thursday could feature more clouds and even little some instability-driven spring showers here and there. But most should stay dry. It really isn’t until late-Thursday PM/early-Friday AM that a frontal boundary passes through and likely touches off showers (maybe t-storms) for Friday AM. Friday PM through Saturday then looks pretty good. On Sunday we could have a synoptic rain system approaching for Sunday night into Monday. In theory this would produce a colder start to next week (N flow behind the low) but temps would rebound back to mild by mid next week. So a little bit of roller coasting temps after this mild week but overall we’re confidently heading into the warmer time of year now. Not seeing any early spring snow events as of now.

Monday (March 22) high temperatures should break 60 for most of NJ. Coastal areas of SNJ could hang in the 50s from marine influence. Skies should be mostly sunny. Winds should be light out of the E/SE. Overnight lows should range from mid-30s to mid-40s from elevations to coasts.

Tuesday (March 23) high temperatures should reach the low-to-mid 60s for most of NJ. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see interior CNJ/SNJ flirt with 70. Coastal areas again possibly held to the 50s from marine flow. Skies should be mostly sunny. Winds should be light out of the E. Overnight lows should range from near-40 to near-50 from elevations to coasts.

Wednesday (March 24) high temperatures should reach near-60 for most areas. Skies should be cloudier with a few isolated spring showers around. Winds should remain light out of the E. Overnight lows should fall to near-50 for most of NJ and unsettled conditions persist into Thursday.

Thursday (March 25) high temperatures should reach near-70 for most areas. Coastal areas could struggle to reach 60. Skies should be mixed with sun and clouds. Winds should be light out of the W/SW during the day but pick up a bit out of the S overnight as lows hang statewide in the 50s and frontal rain approaches.

Friday (March 26) high temperatures should reach near-70 for most areas. Skies should be mostly cloudy to start with rain and possible AM boomers. Conditions should improve by afternoon hours. Winds should be light-to-breezy out of the S/SW ahead of the front (AM hours) and light out of the NW behind it for PM hours. Overnight lows should fall into the mid-to-upper 40s.

An early look at the weekend indicates much-improved conditions on Saturday with clear and calm highs in the 60s. Sunday a few degrees cooler with unsettled conditions possible surrounding a more organized rain system. Everyone have a great week and please be safe! JC

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